Company Profile

Since 1999 , Geurts Machines B.V. is an internationally operating trading company in the construction sector. Geurts Machines is a trading company, but also offers the services that could be involved like technical operations, management services and logistics management services.


The main area of expertise is lies in earth moving equipment, road and recycling machinery, concrete and asphalt plants, cement factories, and mining industry. However, over the years Geurts Machines has kept up with the demand of their customers to also provide smaller construction necessities. Therefore, nowadays Geurts Machines is a supplier for:

– Construction supplies and equipment
– Road machinery
– Spare parts


Aside of selling products, Geurts Machines has carried out many specialized services like project execution, acquiring, dismantling and optimizing/modifying intensive capital goods (such as used factories and machines). 

We provide solution and support for your projects.